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Piazza Repubblica lies at the heart of the regenerated pedestrian space in the Formigine Historic Centre, which is unified by the design of the new, high quality stone pavements.


The new pavements overall composition is defined by strips of clear coloured Istria stone slabs outlining the perimeter of the main public spaces: the square facing the Castle, the Churchyard, and the pedestrianised roads that provide the South and North access to the square itself.  

Design scheme for the new theatre / multi-use building (destined for hosting parties, educational activities…) for the local community. The new building will be close to the existing nursery school, and will be connected with it at basement level.  The nursery school’s basement will be converted to house the kitchens and other functional areas for the theatre/multi-use building.


The theatre / multi-use room floor will lie 3.5 metres below ground. This will enable the creation of a roof garden.

This scheme was awarded First Prize at the National Ideas Competition for the renovation and extension of the club dressing room area with the insertion of a wellness-SPA centre.


The objective is to provide adequate space for the new, functional needs of the club by designing a high quality, contemporary extension that will fit harmoniously into the existing complex.

In 2009 a team of Architects comprising Alessandro Caronia, Andrea Malacchini and Roberto Pescarollo won the International Ideas Competition for the regeneration of Formigine historic centre (Modena).


The winning scheme envisaged regeneration of this historic centre in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region by pedestrianizing the urban spaces around the castle and bringing them to life with an "urban" sculpture park.


The regeneration project is currently a work in progress.



18  /  05  /  2017

TREVISO  – The Mayor of Treviso, Giovanni Manildo, met with the Mayor of Formigine, Maria Costi who, accompanied by a delegation from her town council, visited the new traffic limited squares. The project for the redevelopment of the historic centre in Emilia, signed off by the Treviso based architects Caronia, Malacchini and Pescarollo, also envisages the pedestrianisation of several areas around Formigine Castle.

“We have been delighted by this visit” – mayor Manildo said – “because it has given us an opportunity to compare best practice. Our new squares, Rinaldi and Santa Maria dei Battuti, have already become shining examples for others. I thank our citizens for having believed in these projects and for giving us the opportunity to make them a reality”.

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