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Casinalbo Parish Theatre

Design scheme for a new theatre / multi-use building (available for events, parties and educational activities) for the local community. The new structure will be close to the existing nursery school and connected with it at basement level.


The external area will be reorganized separating vehicle from pedestrian access – the latter being permitted through a "piazzetta"(small square).


The theatre / multi-use room floor will be 3.5 metres below ground. This will permit the creation of a furnished roof garden, accessible directly from the piazzetta by means of a wide, external staircase. The roof garden will be furnished with a canopy covered area destined for use for spring and summer parties and performances, and an area shaded by trellis work overlooking the extensive lawn.


The new building will be connected to the basement of the nursery school via naturally lit and ventilated underground passageways. The school’s basement will be partially refurbished to accommodate the kitchen and other functional areas required for the new building.


The theatre / multi-use room and the entrance hall will open out onto the piazzetta and the lawns by means of wide windows and glazed surfaces.


Casinalbo Parish Theatre and Multi-Use Building


Casinalbo di Formigine (Modena) – ITALY





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