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Holiday home perched on a small headland on the Sicilian coast.

The living/dining room overlooks the sea. The outdoor stone paved areas adjacent to the three exterior walls of the living/dining room create a natural extension to the living/dining areas by bringing the indoors outdoors and vice versa.  Traditional materials and finishes were combined with contemporary flourishes. 

The external walls were built reusing irregular stones, typical of traditional buildings, found in the local countryside. The window openings are made from smoothed elements of the same stone. Every facet of the exterior was designed to enable this house to fit seamlessly into and become one with its rocky cliff surroundings.

Design of the interior is characterized by great simplicity coupled with attention to detail. The doors and wardrobes are made of maple and enamel pastel coloured panels. 


Holiday Home

by the sea


San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani) - ITALY



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