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Formigine Historic Centre

Project Team: Alessandro Caronia - Architect (team lead), Andrea Malacchini - Architect, Roberto Pescarollo - Architect.

Structural consultant: Guido Generali - Engineer.


In 2009 the team comprising Alessandro Caronia, Andrea Malacchini and Roberto Pescarollo won the International Ideas Competition for the regeneration of Formigine Historic Centre (Modena). The winning scheme, selected by a high profile committee led by architect Paola Conforti, Professor at Rome Tor Vergata University, envisages achieving regeneration of the historic centre in this part of Emilia Romagna by pedestrianizing the urban spaces around the castle.


The design of the new, high quality, stone pavements will be the unifying element of the composition. The new pavements will develop as a system of walkways, incorporating zones in which to rest and socialise that, starting as a promenade alongside the inner circle of the castle walls (a pivotal element of the scheme), then expand outside the castle walls bringing the architectural and historical monuments which characterize the historic centre together in a coherent system.


The scheme, furthermore, envisages cultural development of the regenerated urban areas through the installation of an “urban" sculpture park. This proposal gained inspiration from the successful experience of the British “Cass Sculpture Foundation”, Goodwood, Sussex (, which contributes effectively both to the promotion of contemporary art and regeneration of the natural and urban environment. Sculptures will be sited in symbolic locations, and will act as elements inviting visitors towards the castle while also connecting the urban spaces through a system of perspective axes and focal points.


From 2010 to 2018 Alessandro Caronia, Andrea Malacchini and Roberto Pescarollo have directed the next design phases which, after a period of interruption, restarted in 2016. Construction work of phase one, comprising piazza Repubblica and the Southern part of via Trento e Trieste, began in February 2018 and was completed in September 2018. .  



of Formigine Historic Centre


Casinalbo di Formigine (Modena) – ITALY




€ 1.55 m

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