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Object Design

Throughout his career Alessandro Caronia has designed several household/office items, that have helped develop his methodology and approach to small scale design issues.


The preliminary design activities are: an analysis of the functions; the symbolic and iconic values which may be associated with the product; the material and technology options available and their selection. The design idea must establish, in an original synthesis, a balanced connection between the aforementioned elements. Finally, the detailed project and prototype manufacturing are developed.


Here we present a selection of project images:


“Vasetto” vase, with supporting outer shell made from cut and folded coloured or natural finish aluminium sheets and natural finish aluminium rods, and supported hollow cylinder in natural finish aluminium pipe;


"Piumona" bedside table lamp, with support made of acrylic sheets and aluminium rods;


"Pannello" appliqué lamp, with support in plywood coloured board and "LEDinestra" lamps;


Book Ends, in folded galvanized steel sheet;


"Arco" hanging cupboard/laundry airer (freestanding and fixed wall versions), with doors in perforated metal sheets finished in natural aluminium or bright colours;


"Megalith" ceramic Tiles;


Ceramic Tiles series.


Object design.


2000 - 2006

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