Fiat Auto Stands


Thesis scheme for the Fiat Auto stands at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2001, for the ASP Masters in Exhibition Design held by the European Insitute of Design Turin, 2000-2001.


The design theme was to represent the different identities of the three Fiat Auto group brands, Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, creating at the same time a bridge element between these three "worlds". The bridge, or unifying element, was a double system of suspended walkways in stainless steel and structural glass. These structures were made vibrant by dreamy abstract shapes made out of curved and welded stainless steel pipes. These shapes represent the creativity which characterizes Italy.


The Alfa Romeo stand presented strong and dynamic shapes and lines, and was clad in satin stainless steel sheets; the Fiat Auto stand was enriched by a range of pastel colours; the Lancia stand was characterized by curved and fluid lines, and a sinuous wall of structural glass.


The scheme was particularly appreciated by the panel, which included a representative from Fiat Auto.



Fiat Auto Stands Frankfurt




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