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In 2001 Alessandro Caronia was commissioned to advise on furniture for the Caffè d’Arte Massaro (“art cafe”) in Palermo. The venue comprised of a bar, an internet area and a tea-reading room furnished with book shelves. The walls were decorated with modern art prints. To complete the image Alessandro was also commissioned to design a logo for the cafe.

The two overlapping icons of the logo represent a steaming cappuccino cup and a book the outline of which resembles bird wings. The colours are red and yellow (the colours of Palermo Municipality) and blue, symbol of the sea and dreams.

2007 saw Alessandro commissioned to design the graphics for the IBD Study Day International conference on Chron’s Disease Phistulae & Malabsorption hosted by Parma Hospital and the Universities of Parma and Reggio Emilia. The logo was an abstract drawing with pastel colours, characterized by a sinuous line that resembled the gastrointestinal tract, which is affected by Chron’s disease.




2001 - 2007

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