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Piazza Bagolino

Currently the square is split in two parts by a traffic road, and most part of it is used for parking. The project includes the creation of a large underground public parking, by means of which the whole square is turned into a

pedestrian area provided with facilities for the city: a promenade with stone seats, a wisteria trellis work, three panoramic “altanas” overlooking the valley, fountains, kiosks, areas for temporary exhibitions, and a podium for outdoor concerts. On the northern side of the square a counterwall detached 5,50 metres from the existing facades, will be connected to the latter by means of balconies which overlook the square through a system of large openings with unconventional shapes. This is a new, vital “urban facade”, that is strongly related to the public space. The pedestrian connection between the square and the public garden to the South is realized by means of an underground route. The square is also linked to the new urban park through a system of pedestrian ramps which lead to a lower terrace. The latter is characterised by a water basin alongside the stone retaining wall, and by a lemon and orange garden provided with seats and a kiosk.  


Architecture and

urban regeneration

design competition scheme


Alcamo (Trapani) - ITALY



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