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Throughout his career Alessandro has been cultivating a strong interest in painting and sculpture, which, together with architecture, he considers as complementary aspects of the visual expression in art. He embraces the decorative quality of art and the important role it plays in our lives.


Alessandro has been developing his penchant for abstract painting for over a decade. In his painting he tries to undertake work which has the potential to fit both in contemporary or traditional and historic interiors, and to help improve the quality of life of those who see it through its colours and serene vitality.


Alessandro’s painting also helps him to experiment with and control combinations of shapes and colours, which is good practice for his design work.


While, moreover, his paintings may work effectively for the decoration of interiors, Alessandro has been developing skills for the design of contemporary murals and tapestries. These, at a client’s request, may be integrated into his from scratch and renovation projects, adding warmth and colour to the schemes. In some cases they also act as focal and invitational points improving the directions inside a building (as in the case of the Casinalbo Parish theatre and multi-use building scheme).




2002 - 2017

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