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Design: Alessandro Caronia - Architect, Salvatore Giuffrida - Architect.

The flat is located on the top floor of a 1930’s built block in a central area of Palermo.

The pivot for the new organisation of the space was the double height living room. It was achieved by removing the false ceiling that hid the wood roof of the building. The “hinge” element of the space is the staircase that connects the ground floor to the studio on the upper level. The latter overlooks the double height space of the living room.

The stairs run between two curved walls. The curved shape of the walls of the staircase allows for the organisation, behind them, of a corridor-laundry which connects the master bedroom with the bathrooms and the kitchen-dining area, making the spaces above functionally independent from the living room.

This solution lends a sculptural quality to the studio-living space, and invites the visitor to a dynamic spatial experience.

Both stair walls have a slot cut into their central upper part. These slots allow a visual connection with the living room and the corridor-laundry.

The stair walls are bordered by 6 mm thick steel bars. The handrail is made of smaller steel bars.The studio floor is made out of iroko with steel profiles; the living room ceiling is clad in 1 cm thick plywood panels.


Apartment renovation


Palermo - ITALY



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